AV Voice Changer Software GOLD

AV Voice Changer Software GOLD 7.0

Changes the user's voice using various effects
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Take the user's voice and changes various aspects to sound like famous persons or fun characters. It supports chat applications and games.

Voice Changer Gold is a program that allows you to change your voice in real time, making you sound like an old or young man, a sexy woman or a baby: there are a lot of possibilities to make combinations with impressive results.
The program offers a complete set of utilities to do all what you have in mind easily, without the need of using another program. A good example of this is the built-in recorder, that offers you the possibility of recording audio from all the sources, including your own computer.

Another important feature is the possibility of adding a background effect to your work. There are a lot of fun possibilities for making your friends think that you are in a helicopter, outdoors or at a bus stop, for example. The program works fine with the most common VoIP and Instant Messaging programs.

This GOLD version also offers the Parody Maker and Parody mixer features that allows you to create your parody based on your own voice or another people's ones, and the possibility of mixing them. Another feature is the Voice analyzer, that allows you to analyze characteristics of your voice.

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  • User friendly
  • Nice interface
  • Accessible for the beginner


  • Has got fixed window dimensions, which makes it difficult to work with at higher screen resolutions
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